Essay immigrants should learn english

We're telling people that they have to learn English, but we really have to provide the mechanism by which they would learn English. They have white acquaintances, but in 40 years of living here, have been largely kept at arms length by the white community. I would contest that self-fulfillment, abstract a concept though it may be, is much, much harder to attain without a robust culture that provides structure, meaning, and purpose to our lives.

It can't happen in Pakistan and it can't happen in England. Professor, does this take us to someplace different from what faced earlier generations of immigrants? But his comments have been criticised as overlooking the real problems faced by minority communities - such as racism, poverty and deprivation.

And the generation after that often knows nothing of their great-grandparents' language beyond a few colorful expressions. It was a requirement then. Some types of Gymnasium also require an additional third language such as Spanish, Italian, Russian, Latin or Ancient Greek or an alternative subject usually based on one or two other subjects, e.

If you reap the benefits you also have obligations. Mr Blunkett's accusations and criticisms are not the way forward however. It shows that, when it comes to assimilating, Latino immigrants are on par with Asian immigrants, who are considered America's "model minority.

However, the problems of immigrants do not disappear even though it is the second generation of immigrants. We are both rich and free because of our public mores, which encourage respect for democratic process, tolerance, and ambition.

Only the English can sustain the English culture. But bythe gap has mostly closed. Student newspapers are often financed mostly by advertisements. Do scenic wildflower areas belong to the public? I have a profession as does my brother and we are fully assimilated and have been for three generations.

And in a country in which does hold self-fulfillment as an ideal, that should be the last thing we require of those who seek to make America their home.

I agree completely on providing lessons not just in English, but also on the British system not the way of life. I feel what Mr Blunkett has said is extremely valid and is a reflection of a large majority of UK citizens.

Blunkett's views - having lived in Britain for the last 33 years - I see my self wholly as British - but being a Sikh - I still maintain my identity by having a full beard and turban. More information on the Yale Political Union and its debates can be found at www.

The reason it's unnecessary is that every wave of immigrants follows basically the same pattern when it comes to English.


And they can be fluent in English while still retaining their Spanish; 80 percent of second-generation Hispanics say they can speak Spanish very well or pretty well. Corin Arnold, Germany I recently married into an Indian family who have been living in Britain sinceand find it extremely sad that in their efforts to fit in with British society and "norms of behaviour", their cultural heritage has been all but lost - neither my husband who came here at the age of 2 nor his sister speak Sindhi or Punjabi, or know anything of Hinduism or Islam.

There are other problems with the legislation.

Immigration: Important To The Success Of America

If indeed we were to stand by that theory then we should simply have open borders where people wander in an out, using the resources that tax payers have generatednot to mention those who mean us harm, so thats not really very sensible, It would be chaos.

Aides said he feared that Muslim women with traditionalist husbands would not be encouraged to learn English if it was seen just as the language of the workplace.

Little wonder then that some people would revert back to supporting the country of their origin. And he said it was offensive to view second and third-generation ethnic minority Britons as immigrants.Immigrants should know English in order to understand American history, laws, and ideas.


Being an American citizen is a privilege, not a right. Not speaking the same language as the majority of people makes it hard to have everyday interactions. English Proficiency on the Rise Among Latinos. U.S. Born Driving Language Changes.

Nearly as many, 87%, say that Hispanic immigrants need to learn English to succeed in the U.S. Accompanying this report is a statistical portrait of the nation’s Hispanic population in It is based on the Census Bureau’s American Community.

The Importance of Learning the Language in a New Country. By Ivana Vitali The fact that the world is becoming a smaller place and that more and more people are moving around the globe for work and personal reasons means that the learning of another language is becoming increasingly important.

There is something powerfully raw and vivid about Hannah Arendt’s essay that came out in the midst of Europe’s darkness in the Second World War, before the worst horrors inflicted upon the Jews were fully unveiled. Originally published in January as “We Refugees” in a small Jewish journal called Menorah (shut down in ).

Do Immigrants Need To Learn To Speak English. Why Immigrants Should Learn English Robert Riley Com/ July 28, 1 English Synthesis Essay This is a synthesis essay on the English only debate. In the debate we have a number of authors.

The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

Immigrants Should Be Forced to Learn and Speak English Essay examples - The issue of whether or not immigrants should be forced to learn and speak English has been discussed for many years and is viewed differently by legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and American citizens.

Essay immigrants should learn english
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