How to write a news about election in venezuela

Panama imposed sanctions against Venezuela in a spat in April, accusing Venezuela of money laundering. Use this tool to contact your Members of Congress. The six-country referral could broaden the scope of the ongoing preliminary probe to the more serious charges leveled at Venezuela on Wednesday and extend the time frame back to And Maduro sounded a defiant tone Wednesday night, complaining that Washington was attacking his country through sanctions and other means and strong-arming other countries into going along in a "fierce diplomatic offensive.

The fear was that presumptive U. Whatever happens next, the opposition should be under no illusion that there will be a foreign military intervention — I have not spoken to one single U. There is nothing you can do. Here are actions you can take: Colombia is the U.

No matter what, the U. All of the killers got away. Share via Email President Hugo Chavez's leftwing coalition has won an overwhelming majority of seats in a popular assembly given the task of rewriting Venezuela's constitution, allowing him to boast that the corruption-plagued country is "free again".

One by one, she names the dead boys in the picture. The so-called Pink Tide of left-leaning governments spearheaded by Venezuela in the early part of this century served as a counter-hegemonic force.

Chavez routs opposition in move to rewrite Venezuelan constitution

After the election, she says, the police will no doubt disappear, leaving her and her family to the mercy of the thugs once again. The heightened tensions come amid a historic political and economic crisis that has many Venezuelans struggling to afford scarce food and medicine.

By early February they had come to a tentative agreement to hold elections. Officials also seek the arrest of senior opposition lawmaker Julio Borges, who lives under self-imposed exile in Colombia. He was caught in the crossfire of a face-off between two gangs.

And Latin American countries, Europe and the United States should rapidly step up concrete measures against Maduro and his inner circle. Mr Chavez wants the assembly to become a "fourth power", beyond the three traditional branches of government, and to be in charge of rooting out corruption.

One way to start a war would be a cross-border dispute between Venezuela and Colombia, Brazil or Guyana. Mr Chavez even suggested that the new assembly should change the country's name to "the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

Furthermore, we have the electoral guarantees proposed by the opposition, so we are going to the elections and the Venezuelan people will decide their future with democracy and votes. Such is the nature of the rightwing states allied against Venezuela in contemporary Latin America. We move quickly down the lanes that in places are so steep they turn into staircases, attracting curious glances from windows and doorways as we pass, until finally we reach the Rivero home, protected by a heavy steel door that has to be buzzed open.

He is the reason the slums of Caracas are some of the most dangerous places to live on earth, a place where venturing out after dark presents a real risk of death. The thugs kill, safe in the knowledge they will not be caught; 95 per cent of murders in Venezuela go unsolved.

Four days later, U. Instead, he should remember President Lyndon Johnson being driven from office after his landslide election because of the Vietnam war. Recall the triggering incident that unleashed U.Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress swears in three of its members suspended for alleged election fraud, in defiance of a supreme court ruling.

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Nearly Half of Venezuelans Expected to Vote for Maduro in Election – Poll

Home. Venezuela Is Falling Apart. or both, with some regularity. The news coming from Venezuela—including shortages as well as, Submit a letter to the editor or write to [email protected] Apr 13,  · Venezuela election: Mother of seven murdered sons says time for change Hugo Chavez relied on sheer charisma to escape paying a political price for the spiralling murder rate, write.

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s opposition renewed nationwide protests on Thursday to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to hold elections and improve a collapsing economy, and vowed to keep up.

By Roger D. Harris Special to Consortium News Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is the frontrunner in the presidentia I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.

Jul 28,  · The United Nations has voiced concern about the risk of further violence in Venezuela as a vote to begin rewriting the constitution looms. It comes as the number of people killed in the anti.

How to write a news about election in venezuela
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