Mechanical engineering siwes report

An software application called Electronic Parts Catalogue EPC is what is used Mechanical engineering siwes report find the specifc parts that are designed for some specific vehicles. All scaffolding that is elevated 10 feet or more must be equipped with a safety railing.

The Company became a public Company in and the shares were listed for quotation on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in We made use of jQuery a lot rather than JavaScript 2. Diagnosis is the initial operation carried out on any vehicle brought in for electrical issues.

But I also kept my personal records with regards to the step to step processes followed when working in the workshop, the error codes displayed after 45 diagnoses along with their interpretation, parts altered and parts not found which have been of great use in this report and would be of relevant use in the future.

Briscoe, interdepartmental communication is of great essence to the day-to-day running of the business to know the state of affairs of each department especially management because issues in one department can affect all others. Proper clothing is as essential to safety.


Briscoe has over the past Mechanical engineering siwes report years improved upon its vehicle sales volumes and motor business turnover. Collaboration with the industry to ensure that students are accepted for industrial attachment.

It is the link between the workshop and the customers. It affords students of tertiary institutions the opportunity of being familiarized and exposed to the needed experience in handling machinery and equipment which are usually not available in some educational institutions.

Inspect all scaffolding each day before using it. Grant your Interns the opportunity to interact one on one with the various technology involved in their field.


The Industrial Training normally holds in the Second Semester of an academic session. Twisted-pair wire In addition to being the most inexpensive medium available for LAN installations, twisted-pair wire is very easy to install. But in this stage of interconnecting, aggregating, and distributing traffic between these various LAN segments, the designer may run into some serious hidden problems.

We regularly undertake the Facilities Improvement Activities FIA programme in order to maintain international standards in these workshops. At the end of testing operations, restore the system to normal operation and notify the status to the competent authorites.

It is the secondary filter. Expose student to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machineries that may not be available in the University. Safety precaution guide lines for workers and persons present on a construction site. A lengthy exchange between two terminal devices or between the controller and a terminal would thus tend to weigh down this type of network structure.

Never use damaged or defective equipment and avoid rusted parts since their strength is unknown. But their jobs of these two sections are often interwoven. InBriscoeFord was appointed distributor in Nigeria for the sales and servicing of the Ford range of vehicles.

Safety is based on knowledge, skill, and an attitude of care and concern. Also, no particular software is needed to write CSS codes. The nature of work prevented me from closing at the normal closing time- 5. Safekeeping and maintenance of the work tools is also very essential. Most modern cars burn either diesel fuel or gasoline petrol.

Provide students with the opportunities to apply their educational knowledge in real work situation, thereby bringing the gaps between theories for practice. To students who really want to make the best of their Industrial Training, I recommend the following: At this point the 4 stroke cycle repeats while the engine is running.

High Tech Synergy Organisational Profile.

Mechanical Engineering

Each loop can have a number of devices connected to it. There were very rare cases the repair manual, even when followed till the end and no altercation to the vehicle, proved useless.

But it is more tedious as it would involve applying a torque on the piston in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction until it returns into the caliper. The Web Browser is responsible for transforming the markups to what we see in web pages. The self-closing mechanism is in operational order.


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) degree in Mechanical Engineering ABSTRACT This training report is an account of the work experience acquired by me at Metropolitan Motors Ltd during the SIWES program from August till December for the purpose of obtaining a Bachelor of Science (B Sc.

spanned through.1/5(1). SIWES TECHNICAL REPORT 2 ACKNOWLEGDEMENTS My appreciation goes to God almighty, through the help of the Holy Spirit made me to choose mechanical engineering. mechanical engineering services Ventilation systems/Air conditioning systems: Central air conditioning is an air conditioning system which uses ducts to distribute cooled and/or dehumidified air to more than one room, or uses pipes to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers in more than one room, and which is not plugged into a standard.

Mechanical engineering siwes report
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